Pay It Forward's mission is to inspire and educate individuals of all ages and walks of life about the impact our movement can have on our world through simple acts of kindness.

Pay It Forward Saint John Blog

Xerox adopts Pay it Forward

One of the first companies to adopt Pay it Forward in our region was Xerox. Below is an overview of their experiences.

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Reflections on Pay it Forward Day April 25th

This past April we held our inaugural Pay it Forward day at the Marco Polo Cruise Ship terminal. The day was a resounding success and the atmosphere in that large hall… and throughout that day is something I will never forget. There are so many moments from that day that will always stick with me [...]

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Pay it Forward Friday: June 7th #noacttoosmall

For today’s Pay it Forward we ask that you take time to open a door for the person behind you. Remember no act is too small.

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What are you up to this summer? Are you ready for an RAK challenge?

There have been many schools to embrace the Pay it Forward initiative in Saint John this school year and there has been some impressive acts of kindness. It has been great to see students, even at a really young age, performing small and even large gestures of kindness towards other students, teachers, staff and in [...]

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Pay it Forward Friday: May 31st #noacttoosmall

Good morning Saint John it is Pay it Forward Friday! On behalf of Pay it Forward Saint John, we would like to encourage you to buy a coffee for the next person in line. Our mission is to inspire motivate and educate the power of Pay it Forward and doing random acts of kindness. Stay [...]

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Saint John Ale House: Pay it Forward Special

We are so thankful to Peter Stoddart and Jesse Vergen for spreading the word about Pay it Forward Saint John. Watch this weeks SJAH TV episode to see the staff at the Alehouse demonstrating how a small group can perform a simple gesture to make someones day. There are many ways to Pay it Forward. [...]

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